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Fish product breading

Diepvries Urk is specialised in breading fish and food products for third parties and other clients. As an independent partner, we work for fish companies and trading companies throughout Europe. A large volume of fresh and frozen fish converges in Urk. That is why we are able to respond quickly and apply a high-quality layer of breadcrumbs to the fish.

Why bread fish and other products?

Breading is the process of applying a layer of breadcrumbs (mixed with spices, if required). It gives the product a nice bite and a crunchy crust when cooked. Breading is more or less the same for fish, meat, and vegetables.

Industrial breading of frozen fish at Diepvries Urk

Our automated breading line can apply a layer of batter and breadcrumbs, if required, to the frozen product. Flavour and colour can be composed as required. We work with selected suppliers to produce a suitable product.

Various breading ratios are possible. For example: 25 breadcrumbs and 75% fish. Or 35% breadcrumbs and 65% fish. The layer of breadcrumbs can achieve a weight increase of up to a hundred percent. After breading, the product is once again frozen on the line and brought down to a core temperature of -20 degrees Celsius.

The next step in the production process: pre-cooking

Consumers choose convenience. For this reason, the demand for pre-cooked fish products is growing. We can work with partners to facilitate this step too.

Breading as part of product development

Products with a layer of breadcrumbs can have a flexible composition – great assortment variety can be achieved. Diepvries Urk can actively assist in product development; for a completely new product or shape, or the addition of a new type of breadcrumb layer.

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