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Our strength lies in co-packing of seafood and food products

Co-packing has become an indispensable link in the fish industry. Products from across Europe are processed and packaged at Diepvries Urk and distributed from there. Every market and sales channel has different requirements for labels and packaging and this makes Diepvries Urk

Co-packing a link in the production process

The co-packer has become a strong link in the production chain. The production process is more efficient and optimised. Diepvries Urk processes different fish species and food products from all across the globe. All the knowledge of processing seafood comes together. Food and seafood are going through rapid developments because of changing consumer demands. There is also a higher demand for packaging new (vegetarian) food products.

Diepvries Urk adds value as a co-packing company through:

  • Flexible extra packaging capacity
  • Packaging or repackaging in white label or generic packaging
  • Packaging using branded packaging provided by customer
  • Bulk packing from 2 kg to 350 kg
  • Retail packs
  • A to Z process support

The entire process can be customised.

(Semi) Automatic packing machines


With our advanced packing equipment, we can package large volumes for retail in no time. This packaging ranges between 200 to 3,000 grams. We offer the following bag styles:

Our 12-head advanced weigher is able to rapidly pack large volumes in retail packaging, ranging from 250 to 3,000 grams. The equipment for making and filling the pouches is fitted with an online printer. This printer can apply logos and product information to the packaging. We can also pack products in pre-printed foil provided by the customer. If required, we can help with the development of the packaging, making sure it meets all legal requirements as well as your wishes.

Diepvries Urk service options:

  • Procurement of packaging materials
  • Product development support
  • Storage and stock management of packaging materials

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