Product packaging has to be practical, hygienic, and recognisable. We can play an advisory role in which type of packaging is the most suitable for your product. The packaging can be given a foil or label that exudes your brand and meets all legal requirements. We offer the following types of packaging:

Carton packing

American folding box This is a folding box that can be folded shut on both top and bottom. A simple yet very cost-effective design. Suitable for 2 kg to 20 kg per box.

Pallet boxes

Diepvries Urk is specialised in packing frozen fish and food products in cardboard pallet boxes. As an independent partner, we do this for fish companies and trading companies throughout Europe. Frozen fish and food products in pallet boxes are very suitable for export and temporary storage.

Pre-printed pouch

Pre-printed pouch packaging can be recognised by the printed insert on the packaging. It offers a great view of the product. The insert can display all the necessary product information in a great design that meets all legal requirements. The pre-printed insert on the pouch is sealed before products are placed inside.

Pillow pouch

Pillow bag verpakkingen zijn veelzijdig, flexibel en beschermen het verpakte product. De pillow bag kan worden voorzien van een folie of een etiket met productinformatie die voldoet aan de wettelijke eisen.

Own packaging

Customers can provide us with their own packaging, which we then use to package the products. In addition, we can print packaging to your requirements, including the logo, product information, or an EG number. Of course, we will ensure this packaging meets the legal requirements.