Feeling home in a deep frozen world

Welcome to Diepvries Urk BV

A long tradition in the fish sector

Diepvries Urk BV is a family-owned company that has offered independent services in the food industry for three generations (since 1928). Our company focuses exclusively on the processing and storage of fish and fish products for clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Over the last eight decades, we have amassed a great deal of experience and built a modern processing plant. The hallmarks of our company are short, flexible lines and dedication to our clients. As a reliable partner, we value long-term relationships that help us work with our partners to improve their businesses and relieve them of as many concerns as possible.


Retention of moisture content and texture

Our client services include freezing individual fresh fish and fish products using our new, hypermodern freezing system. Whole fish or filets are securely placed by hand on our upper belt, which conveys the fish into a cold-air freezing tunnel that quickly chills and freezes the fish at a temperature of -40 degrees Celcius. The fish is more deeply frozen on the lower belt, until its core temperature reaches –20 degrees Celcius. This rapid IQF system is ideal for fish and fish products because it leaves their texture and moisture content virtually unchanged. When the fish is thawed, its flavour and texture are the same as those of the fresh product.



A crystal-clear ice glaze can be added to further extend the shelf life of the frozen product and keep it from drying out. This glaze is applied using our specially treated water that keeps the glaze completely transparent. This helps ensure that the product is beautiful and appetizing when presented. The thickness of the glaze can vary from 10% to 150% of the product’s original weight.


Our automated breading line can coat the frozen product with a delicious layer of batter, or coat battered product with an additional layer of bread crumbs. Because we can tailor colour and flavour to our client’s exact wishes, the breaded product is unique to that client. The layer of breading can increase the product’s weight by up to 100%. After being breaded, the product is returned to the line for additional freezing until its core temperature reaches -20 degrees Celcius.



The packaging process for deep-frozen products is semi-automated. Product can be packed in plain boxes or in packaging supplied by the client. Package weights vary from 5 kilogram boxes to bulk packaging weighing up to 350 kilograms. Packaging options are based on flexibility and our clients’ wishes. Our precision weighing process, which also includes a final quality check of the product, is carried out manually. If a client so desires, the packages can also be provided with labels that satisfy the legal requirements of the country or countries for which a particular product is destined.


Our advanced 12-head scales enable us to rapidly package large volumes for retail sale, with the individual packages ranging in weight from 250 to 1,000 grams. The machine we use to make and fill the bags has an online printer that can affix logos and product information to the individual packages. Retail packages can also be prepared using pre-printed wrap supplied by the client. If so desired, we can also assist clients with developing packaging that will both meet their needs and satisfy all of the relevant legal requirements.


Processing of interleaved products

Interleaved products can be mechanically separated and stripped of plastic wrap. Products that have undergone this process are then subjected to a thorough manual and visual check. The result is a clean, separate product that can be processed further: for example, by being glazed, breaded, sorted, and repacked. We can also repackage products whose packaging has been damaged or if the products will be sold in retail outlets in different packaging.


Accurate to one gram

Our fully computer-driven sorting line can sort products by weight with extreme precision. This line can be used for whole fish and filets, whether they are fresh or deep frozen. The fish can be further processed and packaged according to our clients’ wishes. This enables our clients to offer products of uniform weight.


Complete oversight of your stocks

Diepvries Urk BV has its own deep-freeze storage facility where the products are stored on pallets or in boxes in movable storage units. The products are handled with the utmost care, and the facility’s temperature is continuously monitored. Each of our client’s products are assigned a unique product number upon entering the storage facility, after which the client is provided with all of the information relating to the product. Our stock records system enables our clients to monitor their stock at all times. We are also pleased to assist our clients with transport-related issues, such as acquiring the necessary certificates and export documents.


Quality, hygiene, and sustainability

Naturally, Diepvries Urk BV holds itself to the highest standards of quality. The company’s certifications include IFS certification, which represents a combination of certifications in HACCP, quality assurance, GMP, client focus, and various site standards. Many retailers require IFS certification, both in the Netherlands and abroad. As evidenced by our MSC and ASC labels, our company also contributes to sustainable fishing and responsible fish farming.