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Repacking and processing of interleaved products

Thanks to internationalisation, seafood products are packaged and shipped interleaved (ITL). The plastic foil between the fillets prevents them from sticking together when frozen. Within the European target market, Diepvries Urk can process these products quickly.

Interleaved products can be mechanically loosened, and the plastic foil can be removed. This process is subject to a manual and detailed visual follow-up inspection. The result is a clean and separated product ready for further processing, such as glazing, breading, sorting, and repackaging. We also offer the option of adding new packaging to products if the old packaging is damaged, or repacking if they are presented in new packaging for retail.

Why choose Diepvries Urk:

  • Flexible extra capacity
  • Detailed visual checks
  • Upgrade frozen fish into value-added products
  • Packaging or repackaging in white label or generic packaging
  • Packaging using branded packaging provided by customer
  • Retail packs
  • A to Z process support

The entire process can be customised.

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