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Full insight into your stock

Diepvries Urk BV has its own cold store where the products are stored in movable shelving on pallets or in boxes. Products are treated with utmost care, with constant temperature monitoring. Your product is given a unique product number when booked in, and the customer is given all information related to the product. Our stock administration offers continual insight into the stock.

Customs warehouse

Exporting products involves certificates and export documentation. We are happy to help you with the transport, down to the smallest details.

Stock storage / warehouse

At Diepvries Urk, the products can be stored under the supervision of the customs authorities. As long as goods are stored in this warehouse, no import duties are due for these goods. It is also possible to prepare these goods for trade within this warehouse and to once again export them outside of the European Union.

End use authorisation

As well as our warehouse permit, we also have end use authorisation. This authorisation makes it possible to process a product, at a volume selected by the EU, at a more favourable customs tariff. Loosening shatterpacks frozen at sea or interleaved products, for example.

Hans van Eunen

Tel. 0527 684 500
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Contact us without obligation

Are you looking for a co-packing solution? We can look for a bespoke solution together. Contact Hans van Eunen without any obligation, 0527 684 500  or hans@diepvriesurk.nl.